Primarily the site's function is that of a directory. However, should a potential client decide to post a project, instead of contacting freelancers direct, then the project will be circulated for members to apply for.

Below is a list detailing some of the projects posted at the site recently:

Length/ Value
Client's Project Description

Proofreading - Vet's Memoirs

70,000 words

"Over the years I have many times entertained ideas of putting together a narrative about my veterinary experience. I have now returned to the stories that I began - some originally a few pages long, others having reached full-chapter length - and so have compiled my manuscript. It goes from the early days of my interest in being a vet, through a large number of varied jobs and postings. Broadly, after beginning to practice in the South-East, I became involved in zoo work and via foreign postings and consultancy ended up working in several countries for long periods, with organisations and bodies including wildlife parks, conservation charities and government departments. Hopefully there is a more 'global' aspect to my journey than in the UK's famous James Herriot TV series.

"I have received editing input. Needed now is proofreading/ copy-editing, for someone to cast another pair of eyes over the pages and catch anything that has been missed."

Editing - Novel

60,000 words

"I am interested in knowing the price for editing my novel, written on my arrival in England some time back. It is concerning the impressions of a young (28 years) Breton woman arriving in London for studies in architecture, and her affair with a diplomat from the French embassy, which makes her to face the question, should she leave England and slow the advance of her career, or stay and grow further from her idyllic, rural upbringing in Brittany, and the comforts of the familiar world this provides. I have been living in England some years and have much studied the language - writing in English felt the best decision and I think the result has worked well.

"Quality is, of course, of essential importance to the work."

Proofreading -

3-4 weeks' work

"We are a company involved in the production of websites, annual reports and other communications for a range of major corporate companies (for example, Heineken, RBS and HSBC). We urgently need a freelance proofreader to work on-site for 3-4 weeks, with the possibility of ongoing work. It mainly involves checking that annual reports posted on to websites have been transferred correctly."

Copy-editing - Dissertation

20,000 words

"The subject matter of my MPhil thesis is contemporary Jewish literature, against the backdrop of developments in Israel up to the present time. I am Israeli, based in London now. I think there should be few mistake, but would like to ensure this is the case as much as possible. I have lived in New York as well as London and this has helped me develop, I think, my English speaking and writing skills. I would like my thesis to be as correct as possible - maybe colleagues or employers will read in future.

"It is mostly usage of English I would like checking; and stylistic point. Please, send me quotes, and I will examine them and come back to you."

- Course Manuals

236,000 words

"We train therapists. We have newly revised and updated our course manuals, which our trainers use to teach the student-therapists. The booklets amount to approx. 236,000 words in length. We would like to have them proofread for the start of the teaching year - some knowledge of psychology would obviously be useful."

Proofreading -
Various Subjects

2,000-15,000 word documents

"We are a well-regarded editorial agency operating over the internet. We provide English language support services for academics, helping to ensure their articles and papers have the high level of accuracy that is required in this field.

"We are now seeking experienced proofreaders, for work that consists of proofreading professional documents written by non-native English speaking academic staff. The academic staff are based across Europe. All work is supplied electronically, and returned to us by email. Please apply with details of qualifications, experience and specialisms."

Proofreading -

15,000 words

"This is a dissertation for my masters course on whether the Human Resources function can become a business partnering role in order to improve organisational performance. The project consists of a literature review of secondary research as well as findings from my questionnaires and interviews."

Copy-editing -

65,000 words

"My self-help/new age book has fifteen chapters, covering various different world issues, basically it needs a new pair of eyes to go through it and check it, cleaning up where needed."

- Legal

160,000 words

"Highly reputable law firm seeks accurate proofreader for sizeable legal book on law, practice and procedure. No need to work in-house. Approx. size of project: 160,000 words."

- Book Packagers

35,000 words

"We are seeking a proofreader for an illustrated book about international cricket. Specialist knowledge would be an advantage. Proofs will be available shortly for checking - including prelims and captions - against the author's text. Some on-screen correction inputting may be required, depending on applicants' experience."

- Highly Illustrated Publishers

40,000 words

"This is a highly illustrated book about Chinese heritage, originally published in China, which is about to be published in French, after translation, and has also just been translated into English. The text for the English edition needs checking - the translation is all right, but we need a good copy-editor to ensure it is absolutely right for publication."

Proofreading -
Walking Guide

50,000 words

"A long-established publisher with a well-developed guidebook list, we are looking to source an experienced proofreader with specialist knowledge of walking/guide books, to work on a new illustrated guide to an urgent deadline. (Our usual proofreader has had to drop out at short notice.) Please apply with your hourly rate, giving details of relevant experience. The ideal candidate would have around 2 years' in-house experience."

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